Mother, Sweet Mother of Mine

Terimakasih 🙂


Maybe its a coincidence, but it felt like a right thing or a right choice to read through half-end of Sophia & Pink today, right on the Mother’s Day. And here, I copy paste a poetic lyric of a song about mother from Pink. Really suit today’s big theme: Mom/Mother/Ibuk/Bunda/Whatever you call them.

Mother of mine
You gave me all of my life
To do as I please
I owe you everything I have

Mother, sweet mother of mine
Mother of mine
When I was young
You showed me
The right way things
Should be done
Without your love,
Where would I be?
Mother, sweet mother of mine

Mother, you gave me
Happines much more
Than words can say
I pray the Lord that
He may bless you
Every night and every day

Mother of mine
Now that I am grown
And I can walk straight
All on my own

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